Purify facility

Air shower Vertical cleanbench Transfer window FFU
  Air shower is one of purify facility, it can eliminate atomy stick-on the human body or the surface of the matter, reduce the dust into the purify air. Meanwhile, it is acting like strobe preventing un-purify air from the room, to cooperate with purify air condition system to ensure the purify necessary for the purify room.
The characteristics:
1) It can provide photoelectricity induction control, to implement automatic showing.
2) Assemble structure, convenient for installation and transportation.
3) It can provide circular showing design to ensure the purify field within the air shower when showering stop.
4) It adopts the making of mid-core armor plate as well as stainless steel plate.
5) Double-door can adopt electromotion interlock to implement forcing showering.



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φ30.12 (double side) stainless steel

φ30.12 (double side) X N, stainless steel

Filtration efficiency %

>9.99@>0.5 um

Wind speed of nozzle exit

16-20 m/ s


Air showering time

1-99 s, adjustable

Power supply

380V, 50HZ





Interlayer color armor plate H = 50 mm


Alnico, stainless steel, color armor plate


Stainless steel